How To Style Vintage Band T-Shirts


 Hello beautiful people! I am so glad to talk with you again! 
 Do you have your favorite music band? Tell me in the comments :)  In the age of about 15-18 years I prefered to listen mostly rock music. Maybe that's why I like to wear band t-shirts so much and I like to style them with different types of clothes and shoes, let me show you which looks are my fave :)

 As you know band t-shirts or other vintage t-shirts are very stylish and trendy. That's why you can feel free to mix it up with different types of skirts, jeans and shorts. Boho style is perfect for vintage tees. Especially when t-shirt looks as old as possible. 
 The holes in our clothes are so trendy as well, idk how/why but it is what it is :) So if you have some ripped places on your tee - you are extremely cool!

 If you are rock star deep in your heart but you need go to the office and work, these outfits are definitely for you!

 But if you like to have fun and you don't care about work or something like that, you can have fun with your style and try be as much creative as possible! 

 So, I hope this post was interesting and useful for someone. Hope to see you soon on my blog! Last post was about my vacation in the beautiful ukrainian town Uzhgorod, check it out! Bye, X

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  1. Looks amazing! Thanks for the tips!


  2. love that post!


  3. If I was to style a vintage band t-shirt, I would do it the way the lady in the last picture has done it.

    Heba xx || The Heba

    1. You are definitely a creative one :) Thanks for commenting!


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