Back to school


 I graduated from high school 6 years ago. But I'm not indifferent to textbooks, diaries and notebooks. I miss the fun school days ...
 I want to share with you some links that make your school days much more fun and simple! I think so...

 BackPack ofcourse! And I choose this cool but simple one at UO.

BDG Canvas Backpack

 The next useful thing is lunch bag, right! Food is always an important thing! These guys are from shop called WAAMIndustries on Etsy. They are cute and stylish, I am about to buy them for myself :)
 This wood charging station isn't only for school people, but for everyone! Features two USB ports to plug in your phone, tablet or other USB-charged device. What a good thing!


 If you need some food for your brains I recommend to buy this book. I like the design of it. Psychology facts, basics, statistics, tests + more. Everyone needs that book!



 Some pencils and notebooks are musthave at school! I pick these because they are so cute! 



 That's all ! I wish you good luck in that new school year, be smart! Nastia, XO!

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