Wishlist: 5 Adorable Bikinis for This Summer '16


 Hello beautiful people! OMG It's almost Summer! What?! How? Time is running so fast I just can't believe that it's about 5 days to summer... Do you feel the same or it's just me going crazy... 
 So. This blogpost is all about beautiful  and sexy swimwear. Yeah, every girl wants to be sexy this summer! Am I right?

Wishlist: 5 Adorable Bikinis for This Summer '16

 So here are my TOP-5 Swimsuits to try this summer. Different colors, shapes, with straps or without, crochet and from nice fashion designers... Which is your fovorite?

  1.  This top is from River Island. It's cheap but interesting black basic top. Black bikini bottom Dakotta is from nice brand Agent Provocateur. I like how these two are looking together. 
  2. I just LOVE this cute crochet Bikini Top. It looks amazing and very good for summer. You can wear it with denim skirt everyday or wear it to the beach like a swimwear.
  3. The color of these bikini is my favourite. It's from Zaful. All kinds of straps on bikinis are very trendy in this season. 
  4.  Tan bikinis are not for everyone, but if you are a brave girl with nice body, why not? Very feminine bikini from Zimmermann.
  5. The last one is so gorgeous, are you agree with me? The price is too high but look at this amazing color, ahh... This top is from Herve Leger.
Thank you for visiting my blog, leave a comment please and see you soon! ;)

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  1. You can never go wrong with a perfect black bikini! I need a new one this summer :)

  2. I'm obsessed with all of your choices, this is making me so excited for summer!

    Olivia // BLONDE LA MODE


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