Friday Kind Words #3


 Ok, I know it's not friday today, but I want to save the tradition and write kind words with title "Friday Kind Words". 
 I am not on my best period of life but I'm going through it with optimism. First of all to save optimistic state of mind I forgive people who hurt me. It's not easy and sometimes you think about how he/she hurt you and make you feel really bad, but if you did that you feel free. We are people and we can control our emotions. 
 You must remember, you gonna make every single day of your life amazing despite all bad thing that could destruct you. You live once! Don't forget that! Who knows how long we could live in this World...

 I like making pictures like that and learning new things in Illustrator. And one day, I hope, I will be able to make really cool pictures and illustrations. Everything takes time and practice!

  Don't forget I'm just learning English language, don't judge me for my mistakes! Thank you! And write down please what do you think about my writing and my illustrations. 

 Have a nice day!

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