My TOP-5 Favorite Instagram Accounts


 What are you doing when you wake up? Most of modern people check their instagram accounts, am I right? So, that's why I want to share with you which accounts inspire me to have a productive and happy day. 
 My instagram account is @nastia_po I am subscriber to 336 accounts and I pick up 5 of them, only the best for you :)
 So... one of them is @jestem_kasia. She is fashion blogger and I really love her style! 

Another beautiful account is @septembrenell. Her name is Ksenia Rain from Russia. She is an illustrator, traveller and photographer. Also she is so lovely!

 Another lovely woman is Isabella ASOS stylist @asos_isabella. She is perfect! Her style, photos and quotes are always coincide with what I like and always inspire me. 

Number 4 is Bondi Harvest @bondiharvest. I like this guys for the couple of reasons: they are from Australia, they make food, they travel a lot... 

And... the last one is... @alexisren. She is sunshine. 

Thank you for reading this post! Write down what account do you like the best?

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