24 hour fall city guide. What to do in Kyiv on last week of Fall.


 Hello everyone! How is your autumn? I hope everything is awesome :) Today I'm gonna tell you what you can do from early morning till late night in Kiev (Ukraine). So let's get started!

 When it comes to the mornings and fall, first of all we need coffee! Am I right? One of the best places in Kiev where you can find yummy coffee is "Lviv Handmade Chocolate". It is marvelous place. That smell of chocolate will make you crazy! 
 Then you can have a walk to the parks or river. Relaxing fresh smell of autumn leaves and needles will inspire you for the whole day.
  I know one interesting place near water and in the park... We call it "Small Kiev". There are miniatures of the most significant buildings of the capital of Ukraine. 

Also in Kiev we have a lot of places where you can find tasty food. Burgers, borscht, shawarma or sushi, all you can find at the center of the city. Chicken Kiev rissoles are must-have when you are in Ukrainian capital and you can taste them in "Puzata Khata" which means "Belly House" or in other ukrainian restaurants. A huge amount of creative resturants and cafes are here too.

When your belly is full of ukrainian food you can go to the Square of Independence. Today for ukrainians this place is holy. Feel free to walk by the streets and to look around by the old and beautiful buildings. That's my favourite thing to do in Kiev.

In the evening you can visit National Opera House. This place is amazing. Even if you don't like places like that just give it a try and you will be amazed.

Visiting Kiev (we call it Kyiv) is much interesting than reading my post so welcome to Ukraine! I can be your personal guide :)

See you soon in my new posts and thanks for reading!

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  1. I love tjis city and want to visit it again! Thanks for good information and pics! You are amazing ♥



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