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 Hello beautiful people! How are you? This spring is a little bit crazy for me and that's why I wasn't writing anything for so long. I was moving to a new apartment with my boyfriend and our cat Flash. And I am very happy about that. 
 Now I'm working on clothing line for girls for our local clothing brand. It will be comfy streetwear or sports wear for young and active girls. I was thinking about that for a long long time and now I hope everything will be fine.
 As always, I am learning languages like English, Italian, German, French and Spanish now. I just love learning languages. It's fun and interesting. My native languages are Russian and Ukrainian. If you want I can write post about my tips about how to learn languages fast and simple. 
 Also I am reading a lot of books about business, self-improvement and other books that I wanted to read in my life. That's why maybe one of the new blog posts will be about books. Keep in touch!

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you soon here!

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6 коммент.

  1. I would love guidance on learning a new language! I have been struggling with French for years and years! I need to know your secrets :)

    1. French is such a beautiful language! I'll share my learning secrets in the next post ;)
      Keep in touch!

  2. I love learning languages and reading books as well! At the moment I already speak 3 languages quite fluently and am improving on my german and swedish. It is an amazing feeling to improve on your skills :)

    1. Thanks for the comment! I'll definitely write post about learning foreign languages)

  3. Best of luck for that job and learning languages, love doing that as well!


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