Hello beautiful people! As you may noticed a glowy skin become a huge trend in 2017! Every girl (even guys) are craving a healthy glowy skin. So skincare and healthy way of life become a huge part of makeup. 
 I am not very healthy person (I am not made for fitness routine..ugh..) that why I need to know how to look healthy at least :) So this makeup is for glowy no-makeup look for those who don't woke up like this :D

  •  For the start you need to use a lightweight, daily moisturizer for your skin type.  
  • Then use some tinted hydrated gel cream like this for example to give your skin more smooth color
  • Of course use you concealer like you always do. Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer is a good one for this look.
  • Then we need to make our brows done. Don't push too hard! Remember it's a no-makeup makeup. Just make visible your bottom line of your brow with eyebrow pencil and fix it with browgel.
  • For that "glowy effect" you need to use luminizer. Try to find it without shimmer in it just as natural as it possible. Good one is by rms beauty.
  • Curl your eyelashes, add a little bit of mascara.
  • Use your favorite creamy blush and lipbalm and that's it! You are beautiful, fresh and glowy !

Thanks for visiting my blog. See you soon! 

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