Sweater Weather 2015. Pinterest Edition


 Do you feel that? I mean cold autumn wind...Do you want after a walk in the park or coming home from work /study wrap yourself in a blanket and a warm sweater and sit with a cup of hot chocolate and watch the TV?.. I feel that. In Ukraine sweater weather definitely has come. But I love that. Autumn is my favorite season, what about you?
 I love sweaters, and that's reason number one why i love autumn. Ok, let me show you some of my favorite sweater ideas and inspirations from My Pinterest.
 It looks so so so damn soft, Oh My GOD!

I like this sweater because it has a little bit different fit but it looks so cool! 

  Grey sweater for work or study, I think it looks stylish ... and cozy !

  Sweatshirts are always a good idea!

White color is very popular (always!) that's why you need white comfy sweater for any occasion.

 Thanks for reading and watching! Hope to see you soon here! Tell me please what is your favorite season and do you like autumn. Thanks! 
Nastia, XO

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