Everything is better on grass


 Last week, I traveled a lot in Ukraine. Today I am in Kiev and I am planning to move to a new apartment, also, I want find a job and in the near future I want go to the another country.

Old vans, ripped jeans and green grass

  A lot of plans, but most importantly do not forget what is happening right now and enjoy every moment of life. Fortunately, now we have a beautiful sunny weather, the sun is shining, there are more and more green colour outside: blooming trees spreading incredible sweet smell of spring.

spring in kiev city

 Now in Kiev unusually many couples are walking on the streets. It's nice to see that people know how to enjoy life and nature. Like us. :)

couple on the grass

  Have a nice day (or night, whatever)! Everything is going to be OK! :D

People in the park

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