My workplace


 If you're a blogger, workplace is one of the most important places in the house for you. This place should be cozy, comfortable and inspiring. I have another post about TOP-5 Workspace inspiration, read it if you're interested. 

My personal work place and inspiration board

  My workplace is not the best, but I pleased with it. Although, most of the time I'm working on a sofa haha. But now is not about that. (I live with my boyfriend in a small room and often I sit on the couch, as he sits at his desk.)
What is on our work table? So, as I love plants and I have a lot of them and on the desktop is situated Dieffenbachia. Canon printer of course, lamp, cup of tea (often more than one).

Tell me please about your inspiration for work / study and about your workplace. Thanks for reading! Nastia, XO

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