Sunkissed Hair


 Hello everybody! Recently, I decided to take a small (or large) experiment with my hair. As in Ukraine, now we have hot summer weather, I want to look really summery. And I decided, why do not I lighten my hair ... For this, I have used the sensational gel to lighten hair Casting Sunkiss Jelly. I use it in shade "for light blondie to very light blondie".


Before hair:

And after first try:

 After first try I have not noticed any significant changes. Tone of hair changed a little.
Next photos are after using a whole tube of gel (in 1 week) and it is what I have now on my head :)


 What I could say... Looks nice, smells nice and don't ruin your hair at all, but it makes a little bit red shade on hair. For long hair one tube isn't enough.


 Anyway I am happy with my "sunkissed hair" . Thank you for reading, hope to see you soon here!
 Nasta, XO. 

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